Worship Nov 22nd 2015

This week we have all songs we've done before. We will be trying out a new song that was requested (There is Power) at practice on Tuesday. If it goes well we will throw it into the mix on Sunday. There is Power is by Lincoln Brewster and while it is incredibly similar to "Break Every Change" it is a little bit different. Please take some time this week to listen to the songs and learn them. I've put up YouTube videos and also a Spotify playlist. The Spotify playlist has the songs we will be seeing, as well as some new ones for future inspiration. I will be adding songs periodically to the Spotify playlist that will be in the tone and style of music that I would like to take our worship team, so subscribe to it and give it a listen. For the next 2 months, we will be focusing primarily on the songs we already have established. If you have requested a song we will try them during practices, but I will try not to do more than new one a week. As I stated before, all the songs for the week are below. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE listen to them! Have a great week. I will see you tomorrow.


  1. Skeleton Bones - John Mark McMillan
  2. Beauty of Simplicity - Josh White
  3. Counting On - John Mark McMillan
  4. O For Grace - Brady Toops
  5. BONUS: There is Power - Lincoln Brewster

PRACTICE: Tuesday at 6:30 PM SOUND CHECK: Sunday at 9:15 AM

SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: Songs of Redemption