Worship Jan 17th 2016

Hey gang,

We're gonna try something new this week. We're gonna do two songs and that's it! Yup, only two songs. I was talking with Pastor Mitch and he really wants to simplify our services a little and so we're gonna try doing two songs only and have a third ready if we need to flow into it. So the goal is for us to REALLY know these two songs and knock them out of the park. For this week I've picked one that we know pretty well and a new song called Simple Gospel. Simple Gospel is as it states very simple. I want to encourage you all this week to really take some time to learn these songs so we can really own them and knock them out of the park. Enjoy your week and I will see you on Sunday Morning. 



  1. No Longer Slave - Jonathan David Helser
  2. Simple Gospel - United Pursuit
  3. O Come To The Altar (WILDCARD PICK) - Elevation Worship

PRACTICE: Sunday @ 8:30 AM